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Pu'er Ripe Tea Wild Rhyme Mellow Aroma Tea Cake Bulang Gu Shu Pu'er Tea Fermented 357g Black Tea

Pu'er Ripe Tea Wild Rhyme Mellow Aroma Tea Cake Bulang Gu Shu Pu'er Tea Fermented 357g Black Tea

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Pu'er Ripe Tea Wild Rhyme Mellow Aroma Tea Cake Bulang Gu Shu Pu'er Tea Fermented 357g Black Tea

Origin: Yunnan, China
Product Category: Pu'er Ripe Tea
Weight: 357g
Storage conditions: clean, ventilated, dry, odourless, out of direct sunlight, for long term storage.
Shelf life: Under the storage conditions,The longer it is kept, the more fragrant it becomes.

Genuine fermented raw material of ancient tree tea from the Brown Mountain system, limited quantity. The tea leaves are moderately fermented and have not been graded by a sifter for ripening, combining the aroma of higher grade teas, the taste of 3rd and 5th grade teas and the sweetness of 7th and 9th grade teas, with a more layered soup sensation. 
The raw material of Brown Mountain sets the mellow ripe tea flavour. The large tree raw material, on the other hand, has a very direct effect on the thickness and smoothness of the broth, while its stability and steeping resistance are greatly improved.

Pu'er Tea is hot because its habitat of high elevation and fogy growing environment, in is pollution-free in nature, is mellow in taste and long in the aftertaste; Moreover, the unique manufacture, transportation, packaging of Pu'er Tea made it become a unique second fermenting tea, thus has formed it’s the unique crusted fragrance and the health care function.

We source tea leaf directly from reputable farmers and control every part of production chain in order to provide customers with a wide
range of affordable high quality natural loose leaf and pressed teas.

Can be brewed in any way you like. We advice to start with tea-water ratio about 1:100, water temperature – just of the boil, total brewing
time 3-4 min.
We found it to be most suitable for following brewing methods:
Teapot with sifter
French press
Pour over
Clever Dripper.

Ripe pu-erh wet-pile fermentation process takes up to 60 days and involves microorganisms, so ripe pu-erh taste profile differs from taste
of other types of teas. A bit earthy taste is a part of pu-erh taste profile.
Please remember that short-time (10-20 sec) warming up (or rinsing) stage is needed while brewing pressed tea. We would also
recommend to crush mini cake evenly for better rinsing and faster brewing process.
Ripe pu-erh tea should be brewed with water just boiled (208-212°F).
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