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Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea 50g / 1.76oz Hibiscus Tea Roselle Hibiscus Tea Herbal Tea Flower Color Isnaturally同仁堂洛神花茶果脯洛神花干50克

Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea 50g / 1.76oz Hibiscus Tea Roselle Hibiscus Tea Herbal Tea Flower Color Isnaturally同仁堂洛神花茶果脯洛神花干50克

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Item number: Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea 50g 同仁堂洛神花茶果脯洛神花干50克
Specification: 50g
Function: Herbal beauty
Sugar content:Sugar-free
Shelf life: 18 months
Storage conditions: sealed in a cool dry place, moisture-proof, moth-proof.
Unsuitable for: Infants and young children, pregnant women, lactating women should be cautious of use.
This flower tea is an herbal tea known as much for its lovely pink hue as its sweet and slightly tart flavor. 
100% premium with no additives and this herbal tea does not contain any caffeine.

Fancy Tea Drinks: 

sept 1: Take a glass, put 1/2 of the water in it and put the flower in it.
sept 2: Add boiling water (recommended temperature around 80°).
sept 3: According to your favorite sweet and sour taste, add appropriate amount of honey or sugar, stir and leave to drink.

Luo Shen Hua is a common Chinese herbal material with many effects and functions. And the dried flowers of Luo Shen Hua is also a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine material, the following are its main effects and functions:
1. Clearing heat and relieving heatstroke: Luo Shen Hua has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heatstroke, which can relieve symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat and headache caused by hot weather.
2. Lowering blood pressure: Luo Shenhua can help lower blood pressure, for those who suffer from high blood pressure, it has a good therapeutic effect.
3. Sedation and tranquillity: Luo Shenhua can relieve anxiety, insomnia and other conditions, has a very good sedative and tranquillising effect.
4. Enhance immunity: Luo Shenhua has the effect of enhancing immunity, can help the body better resist the invasion of disease.
5. Anti-inflammatory and pain relief: Luo Shenhua can help relieve colds, fever, sore throat and other symptoms, has a good anti-inflammatory and pain relief effect.
6. Remove dampness and resolve phlegm: Luo Shenhua can help expel dampness from the body and can resolve phlegm, which is good for people suffering from dampness, cough and other symptoms.

Chinese herbal tea :

Herbal tea stores once could be found everywhere in Lingnan region (which mainly covers Guangdong and Guangxi) of China. At first, the stores classified herbs and packed them into small packages to meet customers' different needs, and then concocted herbal tea was sold at stores with very low price. Since herbal tea tastes bitter, some herbal stores offer preserved orange peel to customers for free to ease the bitter flavor. Besides herbal tea, fruit juice, dessert and soup are also the staples of some stores.

Herbal tea can be brewed or boiled in boiling water with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds, or roots for a few minutes. Seeds and roots usually need to be cooked on the stove for a few minutes. Then filter out the dregs and add sugar (if you like) to drink. However, some herbal teas can be steeped directly in cold water.

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