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Yunnan Menghai Old Tea Brick 7562 Classic Old Ripe Tea Puerh Tea Brick 250g

Yunnan Menghai Old Tea Brick 7562 Classic Old Ripe Tea Puerh Tea Brick 250g

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Yunnan Menghai Old Tea Brick 7562 Classic Old Ripe Tea Puerh Tea
Brick 250g

Name: Classic 7562 Tea Brick
Raw Material: Yunnan Menghai Large-leaved Sun-blue Maocha
Origin: Yunnan, China
Product Category:Ripe Tea
Weight: 250g
Storage conditions: clean, ventilated, dry, free from odour, avoid direct sunlight, can be stored for a long time.
Shelf life: Under the storage conditions,The longer it is kept, the more fragrant it becomes.

Pu'er tea includes the Sun dried green tea,the Sun dried green tea after natural aging, the Sun dried green tea fermented by piled up in the humid and hot condition. According to the different shapes, Pu'er can be divided into two groups as loose leaf Pu'er tea and tight pressed Pu'er tea. The first two are called the Raw Pu'er or traditional Pu'er tea, and The latter is called the Ripe Pu'er tea or the Modern Pu'er tea.
The Pu'er tea leaves is full and fat,which are collected from growers of a special broad leaf tea tree in Yunnan province. In the Qing Dynasty, Pu'er was one of the tribute teas. And in the contemporary era, Pu'er is a modern tea,welcomed by the vast number of consumers.
Pu'er tea is well known for the fact that it is a compressed tea and also that it typically ages well to produce a pleasant drink. The tea of Pu'er is very rich, and can endure repeated infusion without losing much of its original strength and emitting strong flavor.
The tight pressed Pu'er is made from the Sun dried green tea, go through the typical process, such as piled, steamed, pressed. The tight pressed Pu'er often are compressed into the cake Pu'er, the brick Pu'er, Pu'er tuocha and so on.
Pu'er tea often be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated place, away from excessive moisture, direct sunlight and high temperatures.



The raw material is selected from Yunnan Menghai Large-leaved variety
sun-blackened Maocha, with firm strips, uniform thickness and brownish red colour.
The aroma is aged, the colour of the soup is deep red and bright, the taste is mellow, the texture is full and three-dimensional, the tea is thick and smooth,
the leaf base is pig liver coloured and still tender and even, the leaf base is full of vitality, the low fermented ripe brick has a clear mound of flavour,
it is a classic ripe pu-erh success.












We source tea leaf directly from reputable farmers and control every part of production chain in order to provide customers with a wide
range of affordable high quality natural loose leaf and pressed teas.

Can be brewed in any way you like. We advice to start with tea-water ratio about 1:100, water temperature – just of the boil, total brewing
time 3-4 min.
We found it to be most suitable for following brewing methods:
Teapot with sifter
French press
Pour over
Clever Dripper.

Ripe pu-erh wet-pile fermentation process takes up to 60 days and involves microorganisms, so ripe pu-erh taste profile differs from taste
of other types of teas. A bit earthy taste is a part of pu-erh taste profile.
Please remember that short-time (10-20 sec) warming up (or rinsing) stage is needed while brewing pressed tea. We would also
recommend to crush mini cake evenly for better rinsing and faster brewing process.
Ripe pu-erh tea should be brewed with water just boiled (208-212°F).
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