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Buckwheat Tea Cans Yellow Buckwheat Tea Buckwheat Herbal Tea 250g / Can

Buckwheat Tea Cans Yellow Buckwheat Tea Buckwheat Herbal Tea 250g / Can

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Drink good tea in all seasons

Spring: a cup of yellow buckwheat tea in the spring, chasing away spring sleepy and refreshing.

the sun is hot in summer, a cup of buckwheat tea, ice in the refrigerator, to quench thirst and drive away the heat.

winter drink a cup of hot yellow buckwheat tea, to the stomach and intestines to remove greasy, good stomach and intestines, eat well.

the weather is unpredictable, dry climate, to a cup of yellow buckwheat tea, the body's accumulated heat and autumn dryness away.

Herbal tea is drinkable in four seasons, which has the functions of relieving summer-heat and body's internal dampness, evacuate wind and heat, relieve fatigue, promote digestion, prevent heat stroke, quench thirst.

Herbal tea is an important tea in tea. It comes from nature and is good for human health. Common herbal teas mainly include ginger tea and barley tea. 


Herbal tea can be brewed or boiled in boiling water with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds, or roots for a few minutes. Seeds and roots usually need to be cooked on the stove for a few minutes. Then filter out the dregs and add sugar (if you like) to drink. However, some herbal teas can be steeped directly in cold water.

China is the homeland of tea which has become the national drink. Referring to Chinese tea culture, it has several thousand years of history and can be traced back to the ancient times.

Herbal tea stores once could be found everywhere in Lingnan region (which mainly covers Guangdong and Guangxi). At first, the stores classified herbs and packed them into small packages to meet customers' different needs, and then concocted herbal tea was sold at stores with very low price. Since herbal tea tastes bitter, some herbal stores offer preserved orange peel to customers for free to ease the bitter flavor. Besides herbal tea, fruit juice, dessert and soup are also the staples of some stores.

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