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Bath Bombs Gift Set Foot Bath Balls 210g Perfect for Mathers Day Gifts, Birthday Gift Valentines Day Gifts

Bath Bombs Gift Set Foot Bath Balls 210g Perfect for Mathers Day Gifts, Birthday Gift Valentines Day Gifts

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Benefits: Cleanses and purifies the skin of the feet
Product category: foot bath ball
Applicable people: general
Shelf life: 3 years
Applicable skin type: general
Color: foot bath balls 35g*6
Specification type: Normal specification
Category: foot mask, foot cream, foot scrub
Storage: Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

DESIGN: Specially researched scientific and soft formula, The ingredients are selected for their quality and added with a variety of minerals, which the human body needs to be rich in trace elements. Spa enjoyment, let you feel very relaxed after carefree, energetic.
EASY TO USE:Bath bombs No need to boil it like a traditional medicine pack, just toss it into the water and the bubbles roll out, filling the bath with a starry river of liquid. The different foot bath balls produce different colours, making it a pleasure to soak your feet.
RELAX AND WARM FOOT : The bath ball smells fresh and pleasant, soft and delicate, soothing body and mind to tedium. Will make you feel relaxed and warm enough, easy to soak a bubble, Say bye bye to worry and stress.
BETTER SKINCARE: Bath bombs Fresh and pleasant smell, bath ball dissolve in water, clean the skin of the foot, soft care, soft and delicate, a daily soak, warmth from the foot to the heart, enjoy the pleasant experience of bath.

PERFECT GIFTS: Bath bombs set, Perfect for Mathers Day gifts, birthday gift, gifts for her, spa/bath gifts, for the special one, perfect gifts for mom, wife or women you love.
Reach the standard of whole heart loving that is a must must must.

Enjoy a new footbath experience in three easy steps:
STEP 1: Prepare 10 liters of water at a suitable temperature of 37°C-43°C in a footbath and immerse both feet in the water.
STEP 2: Peel off the footbath ball packag and put it into the footbath bucket.
STEP 3: Relax and enjoy the foot bath experience for about 30 minutes, dry your feet directly after the bath without rinsing.
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